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Top 3 Considerations for a Successful Kitchen Remodel – PART 2: Your Kitchen Remodeling Design
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Top 3 Considerations for a Successful Kitchen Remodel – PART 2: Your Kitchen Remodeling Design

Nov 10, 2017

What are the first things you should ask yourself when planning a kitchen redesign? Most homeowners will probably start by planning which new appliances to include or deciding on a more stylish color scheme. While these factors are undeniably essential, you need to prioritize your kitchen layout and design the most. Since the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house, it needs to be accessible, allowing for free movement when cooking or cleaning the space. Your new kitchen design should help minimize the need to stoop and reach. Instead, it should improve your ability to maximize a multi-functional space.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Design

To help you design the right kitchen for your upgrade, consider the following tips:

  • Design for Function. You don’t just want your kitchen to look beautiful; you want it to be functional too. To achieve this, you need to design the space with accessibility and efficiency in mind. The three most essential elements in your design are the components of the kitchen work triangle: your stove, refrigerator and sink. A good kitchen design and layout will allow you to move easily between these elements while cooking or preparing meals.
  • Allow Ample Storage. Redesigning your kitchen means you have the opportunity to craft it according to your specific needs. Creating ample storage is one of the most important aspects of the process, and if it’s within your budget, be sure to invest in innovative storage solutions. For example, drawers are more efficient than shelves, as they can hold up to 30% more items. Other smart solutions are pull-out pantries, hidden drawers and advanced corner solutions. In addition, don’t forget to incorporate garbage solutions such as pull-out bins.
  • Use Correct Lighting. Overhead lighting isn’t really that important in the kitchen, unlike in other rooms in the house. This type of lighting only casts a shadow on the workspace, negatively impacting your kitchen experience. That said, be sure to position lighting in front of you, as well as in under-cabinet lights to illuminate your countertops.
  • Choose the Right Flooring. Pick slip-resistant flooring to make moving throughout the space safe for everyone. It’s also smart to choose easy-to-clean surfaces to save time.

What’s the third  consideration for ensuring a successful kitchen remodel? The remodeling contractor you work with. In Part 3, we’ll be sharing the importance of choosing  the right professional for the job. Stay tuned!

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