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Home Remodeling for Energy Efficiency
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Home Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

May 25, 2023

Home remodeling for energy efficiency is a smart investment for homeowners in the greater Phoenix area. Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home or your primary goal is to create a more efficient home environment, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing energy-efficient solutions for your home remodeling project. Here are some of the most popular energy-efficient home remodeling options to consider.

Weatherization Options

If your primary focus is increasing energy efficiency, you may want to start with a home energy audit. This service will determine how energy efficient your home is and any areas to focus on to help prevent energy loss. Based on the findings of this energy audit, adding insulation, sealing areas where air leaks or occurring, or adding weatherstripping to your windows and doors may help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

While these projects focus primarily on energy efficiency, other home remodeling solutions—including interior and exterior remodeling projects—can provide the upgrades you desire while also increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Interior Remodeling Solutions

Some of the most popular interior remodeling projects include bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling solutions. While these projects aren’t typically thought of as energy-efficient solutions, you can still consider energy efficiency in your design plans. For both the bathroom and kitchen, choosing LED or fluorescent lighting over incandescent bulbs will help maintain the brightness without becoming a drain on your energy. Additionally, choosing energy-efficient appliances for your kitchen can help improve the performance of your home.

Home additions are another popular interior remodeling solution where you can incorporate energy-efficient elements into your design. Choosing insulated windows and doors, adding insulation in the walls, and ensuring the new structure is properly built to prevent air leaks and other issues can all help contribute to a more energy-efficient environment.

Exterior Remodeling Solutions

You may be surprised to find that outdoor living solutions can also help create a more energy-efficient home. Adding a patio cover, awning, or pergola to your outdoor living space can provide shade for the outdoors as well as for any nearby windows. This helps prevent heat transfer into your home. Additionally, outdoor kitchens and fire pits can be designed to increase energy efficiency in your home. In many cases, cooking outdoors is far more energy efficient than using the oven or range inside your home!

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There are many ways to improve energy efficiency throughout your home. As you think about your next home remodeling project, you can start to consider some of the energy-efficient elements that may enhance the comfort and performance of your home to create your ideal home environment.

If you’d like to learn more about energy-efficient home remodeling solutions for your home, contact Legacy Design Build Remodeling today. We proudly offer both interior and exterior home remodeling solutions that are designed to create the comfortable, attractive, and energy-efficient environment you desire.

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