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Interior Design Trends for 2023
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Interior Design Trends for 2023

Apr 03, 2023

If you’re planning an interior design project for your home in 2023, you’ll want to find out what the latest trends and styles are before you dive in. In this overview, our professionals at Legacy Design Build Remodeling share some of the trends we’ve already started to see emerge as well as what we believe will continue to be popular throughout 2023 and beyond.

Bold and Unexpected Colors

After the past few years of minimalist style and neutral color palettes, bold colors are becoming more popular again. Rather than overwhelming the design of the home, these bold colors will come in small doses—think a dark and moody accent wall that balances a brighter interior design or accent pillows that offer a fresh pop of color.

In the kitchen, you may find this in bold marble, granite, or other natural stone countertops that add eye-catching beauty to the space. It can also be accomplished through a tile backsplash that adds some pizzazz. In a bathroom, this can be found in elements like the cabinetry of the bathroom vanity, with a dark, bold color that contrasts an otherwise bright, white space.

Creating a Zen Environment

The increased focus on mental health, wellness, and self-care is translating into interior design ideas as well. Creating spaces that allow plenty of natural light, block out noise from outside, and find the right balance of negative space can create a calming environment that will improve your mood.

For the many individuals who continue to work remotely, designing a zen-like environment for the home office can help balance the stress of work. Spa-like environments are also a popular option for master bathroom remodeling projects, where homeowners can transform the space into their own personal sanctuary to escape to.

Luxury Accents and Finishes

Homeowners are also looking to add a touch of luxury to their interior design with high-end finishes and elements that offer an elevated style. This may be found in a decorative piece like a high-end vase or even in unexpected areas like the hardware on kitchen cabinetry. Homeowners can enjoy the finer things in their interior design without overwhelming the aesthetic or going over the top.

Whatever your taste may be, there’s a way to incorporate your personal style into the luxury accents you choose. For the tech-forward innovator, high-end appliances with the latest smart home-enabled features can add luxury to the kitchen area. Custom cabinetry in the hardwood of your choice or updated fixtures throughout your home can also offer understated elegance that reflects your unique style.

Get Inspired with Professional Design Assistance

Whether these interior design trends are starting to align with your vision and ideas or you’re thinking of going in another direction entirely, it can help to get professional design assistance that will help bring your ideas to life. At Legacy Design Build Remodeling, we are pleased to be your source for comprehensive design-build remodeling services. No matter what your interior design and renovations may entail, you can rely on our professionals to transform that into reality. Contact us today to learn more.

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