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Simple Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Kitchen
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Simple Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Kitchen

Nov 10, 2017

The sleek and clean lines of modern design are no longer limited to contemporary kitchens alone. These days, the simple details are a breath of fresh air in traditional kitchens. Fortunately, this aesthetic can be introduced in a variety of elements you can incorporate into your kitchen.

Simple Ways to Add a Modern Touch to Your Kitchen

Legacy Design Build Remodeling, the premier kitchen remodeling contractor, shares some tips below.

Cabinet Details

Your cabinet’s elements play an important part in your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. From the cabinets to your finish selections, these components can direct the design of the space. For instance, swapping out your old cabinet doors for simple slab or shaker doors with a clean finish can instantly add a modern appeal to your kitchen.

That said, it’s important to determine how modern you want to go. Slab doors with no molding look extremely clean and modern but if you prefer a look between modern and traditional, we recommend shaker doors with finial hinges.


Lighting is a major element in the kitchen both visually and functionally. Like in bathroom remodeling, the fixtures you select set the tone and overall feel of the space. You can choose from several options that fall in the “modern” realm. For a cross between a modern and industrial look, we recommend brass fixtures with exposed bulbs and warm lighting.


Steel windows are visually powerful but not overwhelming. The addition of these windows in your kitchen instantly adds a clean and modern feel to the room. If the majority of your accents are white, why not add contrast by choosing dark steel? That said, if you don’t have to replace your windows, a similar effect is achieved by painting your windows black or gray.

Turn to Legacy Design Build Remodeling for more creative kitchen ideas. As an expert in interior design, we can help you create any vibe you want in any room at home. Call us today at (480) 372-5001 to learn more about our services. We serve Scottsdale and the surrounding AZ areas.


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