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Making the Most of Your Shower Space
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Making the Most of Your Shower Space

Dec 07, 2017

Not everyone can afford a custom-built home complete with a luxurious bath and dressing room. Some homeowners have to work with small bathrooms and cramped spaces. While these can feel cozy and intimate, they can also be claustrophobic. Legacy Design Build Remodeling, the premier home remodeling company, shares expert ways to help you maximize the space in your bathrooms:

Making the Most of Your Shower Space

Built-In Seating

While additional seating takes up a lot of space in your bathroom, they also greatly improve your shower experience. It gives you a place to sit so you can wash your feet or shave your legs. If you don’t have enough room to bring in chairs, you can have a built-in seat installed instead. It can also double as a storage space. Just ask your contractor to create a cabinet in its structure.

Smart Storage Solutions

Keep your toiletries organized by hanging a wire shelf system near your shower head. This frees up space and allows easy access. Alternatively, you can install a pole shelf unit in an unused corner of the bathroom to accommodate your different-sized bottles. As an expert home remodeling contractor, we can help come up with other creative storage solutions that will complement your bathroom’s design.

Glass Walls

Create the illusion of more room by installing glass shower walls. By removing things that block the line of sight, like dividers and walls, you can visually broaden the space. Not a fan of glass walls? Consider using the same material and color for your walls and floor for the same effect. You can also switch your traditional shower rod for a curved model to make the space feel larger.

Ensure the success of your bathroom remodel by working with a professional like Legacy Design Build Remodeling. With our experience, equipment and skills, we can deliver satisfactory results. Call us at (480) 372-5001 today to schedule a consultation. We serve Glendale, Phoenix and the surrounding AZ communities.


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