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Movies to Ease Your Home Remodeling Woes
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Movies to Ease Your Home Remodeling Woes

Jul 12, 2017

Stressed over the state of your home remodeling project? Let Legacy Design Build Remodeling, your expert home remodeling company, take some of that stress away by discussing movies with homeowners in similar straits as yourself.

Home Remodeling Woes

Queen of Versailles

The Queen of Versailles tells the story of a wealthy couple that takes on the challenge of remodeling the Versailles house, a mansion that’s modeled after the Palace of Versailles. It’s one of the biggest single-family detached homes in the area, which means it requires a sizeable budget. Everything goes well at first, but various unexpected circumstances affect their budget and they eventually have to stop construction.

The problem in the movie is improper budgeting. The couple remodeling overestimated their finances and didn’t prepare a proper budget for the project. Careful planning and budgeting are two key factors in ensuring your remodeling project’s success. As an experienced home remodeling contractor, we can help you prepare for your project to ensure a smooth and hassle-free remodel.

The Notebook

One of the most notable scenes in this movie was when the main character renovated an entire house to win the heart of his love. He used up all his savings to buy the house and give it a complete makeover. He succeeded and the house turned out great.

While this premise makes for a dreamy, romantic gesture, taking the DIY approach to home remodeling is risky. Attempting to remodel a kitchen without the necessary skills and equipment leads to frustration and poor-quality results. A complex bathroom remodel can significantly improve its beauty and comfort when done right. Choosing to handle the renovations yourself can cost you dearly in maintenance and repairs in the long run so be sure to turn to an expert like Legacy Design Build Remodeling.

Avoid these problems and ensure a quality, worry-free remodeling project when you work with Legacy Design Build Remodeling. We serve Glendale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas in AZ. Call us at (480) 372-5001 to learn more about the different remodeling services we offer.

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