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Functional Aesthetics and Other Kitchen Trends in 2017
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Functional Aesthetics and Other Kitchen Trends in 2017

May 19, 2017

How’s your kitchen faring? Is it adhering to the aesthetic trends of 2017? If you haven’t updated your kitchen space yet, don’t worry! There’s time to make sure you’re conforming to this year’s current design standards.

Kitchen Trends in 2017

Legacy Design Build Remodeling explains these top trends and how to apply them.

Functional Aesthetics

Our team knows that when it comes to kitchen remodeling, functional aesthetics are attractive. This basically means that your static design features should be functional too instead of simply being there for show. See that empty space overhanging space above your sink where you put your knick-knacks? Turn it into a functional, open shelf area for your glass and plates!

Functional aesthetics also means you’re maximizing your kitchen space. Get rid of unnecessary fixtures that don’t really contribute to your kitchen’s operation. Simplicity is better, and in 2017, it’s trendy.

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Bold Fixtures Are a Must

Whether your home’s a traditional or a modern one, we recommend bold fixtures for your kitchen’s interior design. Think bold counters and light fixtures. It adds depth to an otherwise featureless expanse and wide kitchen and could bring the overall design together. We recommend bold colors too for your general fixtures and kitchen accessories.

Gray: The New White?

Your basic white kitchens spaces are a thing of the past. This year, gray is the new white. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets a soft tone of gray. It adds some depth to your room and actually makes them stand out, allowing them to serve as a pseudo-static decoration that’s also functional.

We suggest two-toning your kitchen, too, since darker colored kitchens are a trending thing this year. Basically, your kitchen should have two tones, one light and one dark that serve as contrasts. If you’re going for gray blocked palette, black and darker shades of brown and green work very well.

Keep these tips in mind as you keep your kitchen updated this year. From kitchen design to bathroom remodel, we work closely with you to ensure your living spaces are up-to-date with the current year’s design trends. Call us at (480) 372-5001 for more information on our remodeling services. We offer interior design services throughout Scottsdale, AZ.

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