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Design Tips for an Aesthetically Pleasing Open Floor Plan
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Design Tips for an Aesthetically Pleasing Open Floor Plan

Sep 05, 2016

Open living room design offer a welcoming atmosphere. That said, it can be a challenge to decorate it for optimal functionality.

Floor Plan

Legacy Design Build Remodeling, the premier home remodeling contractor in Phoenix, AZ, suggests design ideas that will perfectly improve your open floor plan.

Connect Open Floor Plan Using Colors

Paint all the connecting walls and architectural features with one color to keep the living area’s theme consistent. You can achieve this effect by selecting sage green, silvery gray, brown, and white tone.

Open Loft Living

Separate your work and leisure area stylishly for a better view and smooth flow of conversation from one area to the next. Installing partial walls, strategically set islands, and breakfast bars are efficient ways to do this.

Use Furniture to Set Boundaries

Properly arranged furniture can help mark transitions from one space to another. For example, emphasize the presence of a sofa, while keeping its rear hidden using a console table for a more visually stimulating impact. Keep entertainment gadgets in beautiful baskets located underneath the table.

Have Multilevel Spaces

Make sure that your open living area has a unified theme. You can achieve this by having the same kind of flooring in every part of the living area. You should also use the same ceiling decorations to keep things cohesive.

Unify Areas

Try getting ideas from a well-designed kitchen, then try to apply their colors in softer textures in an adjacent sitting area. For instance, a slightly rumpled slipcover fabric echoes the grayish tones of streamlined appliances and stone countertops. An efficient kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, will help you realize this concept.

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Maximize Open Space Sightlines

Consider what you want to see while you are in different areas of your home. If you want to enjoy the dancing flames of the hearth, then place your sink on an island. This will also let you watch and interact with your guests.

Utilize Light Fixtures

Use eye-catching light fixtures to separate different areas in an open floor plan. You can keep your living area’s theme consistent by installing matching light fixtures.

At Legacy Design Build Remodeling, our design team can help you achieve the perfect living room open floor layout. As an expert home remodeling company in Phoenix, AZ, we have years of experience and tools that will help us provide you with an exceptional design.

Furthermore, you can expect us to listen to everything that you tell us. This will help ensure a successful home remodeling project. Additionally, you can rely on us to help you look for energy-saving and efficient appliances and fixtures that will complete your living room area. Lastly, our partnership with the best manufacturers will surely help us deliver the ideal layout.

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