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Add A Unique Touch To Your Home

Dec 10, 2012

When you are building or redecorating a home, there are many things you should take into consideration. You probably have a feel for what you like and what you want for your new home design. But there are many exciting new concepts and ideas that you may not be aware of, or that you may not know that you can

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Remodel your home to create your own private sanctuary

Nov 25, 2012

Do you look around your home and dream of a new one? Is your kitchen dismally out of date? Do your bathrooms lack luster? Is your patio a drab cement slab? If so, it may be time to give your home a makeover. Instead of heading for a real estate agent to put your house on the market and look

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Common Issues That Arise During a Bathroom Remodel

Nov 11, 2012

Issues can arise with any type of remodeling project – and a bathroom remodel is no exception. In fact, you can even argue that a bathroom remodeling project actually takes more time to carry out than general home remodeling as a result of its difficulty. Corroded pipes, water damage and toxic molds can really add to the frustration and costs

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Will renovations add value to your home? Facts you need to know

Oct 14, 2012

Most people think that any any type of home renovation will add value to their home. But before you spend time, effort, and money adding a new room to your home or remodeling an existing room, you should know that some remodeling projects aren’t going to increase your home’s value when you go to sell it. Some home renovations are

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Universal Design in the Bathroom & Walk-In Bathtubs

Apr 22, 2011

Depending on the physical challenges of you or a loved one, taking a shower while unassisted may not be the best option. Using a bathtub may seem like a better solution in terms of comfort, but standard bathtubs raise serious safety concerns. “How can I safely enter and exit the tub?”, “How will I reach the water and drain controls?”,

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Universal Design in the Bathroom & Barrier Free Showers

Apr 21, 2011

More and more people are concerned about having to leave their current homes as their health needs change. Although the principles of Universal Design can be applied to the entire home, the most popular area of concern is the bathroom. When you or a loved one is faced with a physical challenge, a simple task like taking a shower can

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Free Estimate = Free Guess

Apr 14, 2011

While visiting a future client’s home this week, we were asked: “Why is a Project Analysis better than a free estimate?” Companies that offer a free estimate are focused on the “quick close”, and simply don’t invest the time necessary to give you an accurate and realistic estimation of your project. These free estimates fail to take into account the

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Ask About the Warranty

Mar 30, 2011

When shopping for a new car, high-end electronics, or other major purchases, you sometimes find yourself considering two or three comparable products. You’ve done your homework. They all promise similar benefits and performance, and they’re all roughly the same price. So how do you choose? A warranty speaks volumes about the product and the company. A seven year warranty on

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Universal Design and Aging In Place

Mar 28, 2011

Universal Design is a buzzword that is getting a lot of attention lately, but what does it mean and how does it affect your home improvement project? Universal Design is an architectural style that, simply put, makes a home more easily accessible to everyone. Right now, you may be thinking of grab bars in showers and tubs, and a ramp

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Yes! We do smaller projects too!

Mar 23, 2011

We hear it all the time: “We’d really like to use Legacy for our next project, but it’s so small you probably wouldn’t want to take it on.” People are often surprised to learn this simply isn’t true! While browsing our website, it’s easy to be impressed by all the gorgeous photos of upscale and full home renovations. All businesses like

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