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5 Easy Ways on Creating the Perfect Mix in Your Home
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5 Easy Ways on Creating the Perfect Mix in Your Home

Oct 16, 2016

When aiming to create a unique look for your home’s interior, a bit of mixing and matching is essential. In fact, the right combinations can make your home anything but boring. Legacy Design Build Remodeling, your premier home remodeling company in Glendale, AZ, shares the five ways you can easily create the perfect mix of colors and patterns in your home.

Perfect Mix in Your Home

1. Start with your bridge pattern. If you’re new to mixing patterns, you should start creating a bridge pattern that you’re into. This should have at least four to six colors. You can then find two other patterns in varying scales, using up to two shades from your bridge pattern. Finally, use a solid texture that highlights one hue from these choices.

2. Mix and match as you go. Finding the items and textures that work perfectly together may take some time. When you do acquire them, you can highlight your personal style and the things you like better.

3. Choose colors from the same palette. When it comes to color selection, it’s advisable that you don’t pick the exact same shade. Go for color unity — use three colors from the same palette and experiment which ones are perfect for the room’s textures and patterns. For instance, for your bathroom remodel in Phoenix, AZ, you can choose a soft green for the floor tiles, aquamarine for accents, and a minty green for window treatments.

4. Make sure your pattern choices look cohesive. When mixing and matching patterns, the rule of threes is essential. Choose one large print, one medium, and one small-scale. You should keep the color scheme similar or coordinating so that the patterns form a cohesive unit.

5. Try bolder patterns. Soft traditional patterns and colors are fine, but it pays to take a few risks with your mixing. You can feature different stripe sizes to adorn your ceiling or walls. Pair them with masculine patterns like gingham or feminine ones like polka dots to create a unique look.

It also helps to consult the excellent design team of Legacy Design Build Remodeling. As your trusted home remodeling contractor in Glendale, AZ, we can create the mix that suits your home best. With us at the helm, sprucing up your home is easy and stress-free. Call us today at (480) 372-5001 or fill out this form for a free consultation.

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