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4 Clever Design Ideas for Awkward Spaces
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4 Clever Design Ideas for Awkward Spaces

Mar 03, 2017

Most homes are pretty easy to decorate. Each structure, however, has at least one awkward space that’s hard to deal with. These are places where standard furniture doesn’t fit, areas with odd layouts that defy the existing decor, or even those that are just too small to be of much use to homeowners.

Design Ideas

If you have a tricky space in your home that just won’t cooperate with the rest of your spaces, don’t worry. With a little space planning and smart designing, that space can fall into place easily. Legacy Design Build Remodeling, your trusted home remodeling company, shares four ways you can work around your awkward spaces.

  1. Long, Narrow Hall – Play up a skinny hallway with artsy pieces of paintings, photographs, or even handwritten quotations. Apply fresh white paint on the walls to achieve that art gallery effect. You can choose a certain theme for your design, such as black and white pieces for a more classic vibe or quirky, colorful artworks hung in line for a contemporary look. Complete your design by mounting small lights on the walls to illuminate the pieces.

  2. Small Space with No Entryway –  As an expert home remodeling contractor, we suggest placing a large desk in front of an open wall, instead of squeezing a table behind the door. This will act as your space’s centerpiece, as well as your personal workspace. You can also try using small wall-mounted pieces, such as hooks for coats and bags, to make this area as functional as possible.

  3. Living Room with Multiple Doors and Windows – It can be hard to put furniture and other large decorations near the walls if they have multiple openings. Pulling the arrangement toward the center of the room is the perfect solution. Additionally, you can finish your design by using a symmetry of matching sofas for comfort and aesthetic purposes.

  4. Slanted Ceiling Under the Stairs – Whether concealed or out in the open, the area under the stairs makes for a perfect storage space. The smartest solution is custom built-in cabinets, as they allow you to make use of every last square inch.

If you need help with your bathroom and kitchen remodel, or your interior design, you can always count on Legacy Design Build Remodeling. Our experts can turn your home’s awkward spaces into something more beautiful and functional. We serve many communities, including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and other areas in Arizona. To get a FREE estimate, call us today at (480) 372-5001 or complete our form.

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