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3 Kitchen Zones You Should Prioritize in Your Next Remodel
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3 Kitchen Zones You Should Prioritize in Your Next Remodel

Sep 15, 2016

As the heart of the home, your kitchen needs an efficient layout to maximize space, flow, and storage. Let Legacy Design Build Remodeling explain the three key areas in your kitchen and the ways you can maximize their functionality:

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Food Storage

This serves as the area for storing food supplies and initial food preparation. We recommend positioning your refrigerator near the direction of grocery arrival to maximize its function and organize the space better. The countertop should be right across from or next to the refrigerator.  This layout creates a convenient spot for placing grocery bags.  This location also allows you to transfer cold items to the freezer immediately.

For small appliances that you use with dry goods, you might want an appliance garage to reduce clutter on your countertop. Consider this arrangement for your next kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ. The convenient access to your food items can help make your initial food preparation easier and quicker.

Wash Area

This space should stand between the food storage and the cooking area to increase flow and efficiency. Centrally located dishwashers and sinks work best since they get the highest traffic than any other spot in the kitchen. The sink center holds everyday dishes, glassware, and flatware. It also includes storage for cleaning, drying, and polishing supplies.

As we work on your kitchen’s interior design in Scottsdale, AZ, we will strategically place all elements to create a comfortable environment for your activities. This includes everything from food preparation to cleanup. We will also factor proper waste management for tidy and effortless trash disposal.

Cooking Center

Anything that involves cooking, such as your oven and range, should be set within this area. This is where the actual cooking and serving preparations take place. This area is best located near the dining room. You should also consider installing a cabinet for frequently used cookware and utensils for easy access and storage.

A proper layout can do wonders at maximizing storage, function, and flow in these three important areas in your kitchen. For your remodeling project, choose Legacy Design Build Remodeling. We will help create a design that matches your needs and your home’s style. We also offer bathroom remodel in Scottsdale, AZ. Call us at (480) 372-5001 for more information.

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