Design Build vs. Conventional Remodeling: Which Is Best for Your Project?
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Design Build vs. Conventional Remodeling: Which Is Best for Your Project?

Apr 05, 2021

Design-Build vs. Conventional RemodelingWhen you decide to remodel your home, you’ll have all sorts of important choices to make regarding the products and design ideas you want to incorporate into the project. However, the most crucial decision you’ll make will be selecting what remodeling company you’ll have carry out the work. Not all home remodeling contractors operate in the same fashion. There are design-build contractors, which will handle any planning and remodeling work your project entails, and there are conventional remodeling companies, which will require you to have your remodeling plans drawn up by a third-party designer.

Unless you have your heart set on working with a specific architect, or you’re unable to find a design-build company whose design capabilities you trust, there isn’t much reason to hire a conventional remodeler. In contrast, there are many advantages to partnering with remodelers who take a design-build approach, including:

Clear Accountability

You and the team working on your remodel want the process to go smoothly, without any setbacks. But in the event that something does go wrong, you want there to be clear accountability for addressing the issue. When you have a separate remodeler and designer working on your project, finger-pointing can occur when a problem arises. On the other hand, a design-build approach provides you with one person who you can go to with any questions or concerns.

A Holistic Approach

When one party creates a design and another party carries out those plans, the risk of miscommunications runs high. This is not the case with a design-build remodeler. When adhering to a design-build approach, a planner will think through the practical steps that need to be performed to turn their design plans into reality. Furthermore, during the remodeling stage, a design-build remodeler will understand why the design plans were created the way they were, allowing for a seamless transition between the design and remodeling phases of your project.

Consistent Quality Standards

Unfortunately, not all home remodeling professionals have the same quality standards. So, if you find a highly skilled remodeler, wouldn’t you also want them to handle creating your project’s design plans? This way, you can ensure that all details of your remodel will meet that company’s high standards, rather than limiting the remodeler to working off of plans drawn up by someone else.

Saving Money

In many cases, you’d end up paying more for conventional home remodeling because that approach requires you to pay separate fees to a designer and remodeler. However, when you work with a design-build company, you’ll simply pay one company to carry out the entire project.

So, which is better for your home remodeling project, design-build or conventional remodeling? If you choose design-build remodeling, look to the award-winning professionals at Legacy Design Build Remodeling. We’ve been transforming indoor and outdoor living spaces since 1988 and would be glad to provide any assistance you require to create the home of your dreams.

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