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3 Ways We Can Make Your Kitchen More Open and Welcoming
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3 Ways We Can Make Your Kitchen More Open and Welcoming

Mar 09, 2018

Your kitchen is one of the busiest areas of your home. That’s why it’s important to have a good layout plan. Legacy Design Build Remodeling can remodel your kitchen to improve its traffic flow and improve its appearance. Our design experts will revitalize your old kitchen by transforming its look and functionality.

Kitchen More Open and Welcoming

We’ll also make sure your kitchen maximizes its floor space in terms of storage. Here are just some of the ideas we can utilize when it comes to an open kitchen layout:

Link Rooms Together

One of the best ways to create a more open feeling for your kitchen is by removing walls. If you focus your kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ, on connecting your kitchen to other areas of your home, you can make it feel more comfortable.

Fusing your kitchen spaces and dining room spaces is a popular idea and is a staple kitchen design in many contemporary and modern homes. This can create extra dining space while making both areas feel less cramped. As your local kitchen remodeler, we’ll be happy to talk to you how we can link your walled-off dining and kitchen spaces and turn it into one, cohesive room.

Coordinate Colors and Finishes

Changing colors and finishes can also make your kitchen feel more open and spacious. White and other light colors make the kitchen feel less confined while darker colors add much-needed depth and volume to a home. Uniting your woodwork and cabinet finishes with other elements of the home also makes everything feel more connected. Unified detailing also achieves the same goal. Even with a traditional kitchen, it will still feel sleek and integrated if its details continue throughout your home.

Maximize Space

Space and storage have always been important considerations in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Kitchens tend to be cramped due to how busy it gets and how many utensils and equipment it houses. As a result, your upcoming kitchen project should aim to maximize the existing space in your kitchen.

This is as easy as getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your kitchen as well as being a bit creative when it comes to storage. For example, the areas behind the door or the space above the kitchen countertops can all be turned into extra storage space.

Modify Features

The features are important when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom remodel in Scottsdale, AZ. The right kind of window or cabinet can make your kitchen feel more welcoming. Windows that provide plenty of natural light, for example, can provide your kitchen with a cheerful atmosphere. Tall or wide picture windows, for example, are great choices if you want to add more natural daylight in your home. Apart from establishing a warm atmosphere, daylighting your kitchen also increases its visual space, making it appear larger and more spacious than it really is.

Similarly, open face cabinets or cabinets with glass panels stop your storage spaces from feeling overwhelming. Lastly, a grand archway will make your kitchen more open.

Legacy Design Build Remodeling is an award-winning company with many years of experience. We are a full-service residential remodeling provider. As one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in Arizona, our remodeling services account for the unique requirements and specifications of your home. This allows us to optimize your home’s relevant aspects, such as utility and visual appeal.

Our design build process involves a project analysis, pre-build and permitting, building, project close-out and a full two year warranty. We’ll handle everything from start to finish so you can have a simple, stress-free remodel. Give us a call to learn more about our kitchen remodels, or to get a free consultation. We offer expert home remodeling services throughout Phoenix, AZ.

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