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Interior Design Tips For A Summer-Ready Home
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Interior Design Tips For A Summer-Ready Home

Jul 26, 2017

When preparing your home for summer, your main objective should be clearing out the clutter to bring in as much light as possible. Legacy Design Build Remodeling shares some expert interior design tip to help you.

Interior Design Tips

Maximize the Flow of Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to invest in broad, open spaces. After all, staying in a cramped room on a hot day can be quite stressful. Open up your space by evaluating the direction and placement of your furniture. Can you see the outdoors from your bed? What is your couch facing? How do you move in this space? Rearrange your space to maximize efficiency and flow by taking out unnecessary items and moving others around to allow for the most amount of natural light and the best movement within the space.

The colors in the room also affect how well-lit it appears. For instance, during a bathroom remodel, you can choose to color your walls a fresh white shade to brighten up your space. The neutral shade also creates a great backdrop for other colors and textures, making it a good dominant color.

Choose Relevant Materials

By relevant, we mean in theme. Heavy throw pillows, curtains, and thick rugs have no place in the high temperatures of summer. You can try swapping these for lighter fabrics like cotton and linen that allow the material to breathe. Choosing sheer fabrics for curtains and light colors for other fabrics helps let in as much light as possible.

Provide Sufficient Ventilation

As one of the most frequented, and arguably the hottest, rooms in your home, it’s important to ensure that your kitchen has proper ventilation and lighting. Investing in a timely kitchen remodeling with us will help achieve this. We can also provide you with a layout that will maximize your kitchen’s efficiency and greatly improve your workflow.

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