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5 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms
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5 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Oct 13, 2017

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t fulfill all your needs like a regular bathroom. With some clever space and storage hacks, you can easily turn your cramped bathroom into a stylish, practical, and space-efficient room. As an expert in interior design, Legacy Design Build Remodeling believes that small bathrooms don’t have to be plain and minimalist. Here are five creative design ideas that maximize both beauty and functionality:

5 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

  1. His and Hers. Using continuing horizontal lines, well-placed lighting, and a frameless mirror can help create the illusion of larger space. The mirror should be large enough to accommodate two people, allowing for multitasking. A marble-clad dividing wall can separate the toilet area from the rest of the bath, increasing privacy and an additional storage opportunity. Lastly, create a sense of continuity by investing in a curbless shower entry.
  2. Zen Escape. Small spaces can bring focus to unappealing elements of the room like, for instance, an off-center window. Conceal this flaw while still allowing light and ventilation through by installing a floor-to-ceiling shoji screen. Incorporate other zen elements in the form of a large mirror and a ladder towel rack. When hung horizontally, the mirror spans the length of the room and visually broadens the space. Meanwhile, the ladder rack is a smart option that stores multiple items without taking up floor space. You can even use it in kitchen remodeling to hang pots and pans.
  3. Asian-Inspired. Add a contemporary Asian appeal to your bathroom with a Japanese-inspired vanity. The kaidantansu or stepped chest is a great choice that adds a fluidity to the space and can double as a smart storage option. Complete the theme with rich, dark colors to make the walls of your space recede.
  4. Tone and Texture. While some elements need to be concealed, others deserve more focus. An attention-commanding focal point like a vanity with contrasting textures, effectively captures attention, shifting the focus from the room itself. Add a large mirror and surround it with recessed lighting to illuminate any reflection and create a soft, muted glow.
  5. Spa Retreat. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go to the spa after work every day and relax? Fortunately, you can have the same relaxing experience with a bathroom remodel. To give your bath that spa-like atmosphere, think big, open spaces and pristine white tones. Make the space feel wider by having white marble tiles and mirrored surfaces wrap the room. White creates a sense of openness and light bounces off the reflective surfaces, creating the illusion of more room. Meanwhile, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can add height and rich wood tones create balance and warmth.

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With these simple designs, you can transform your bathroom into an enviable and efficient space. Turn to Legacy Design Build Remodeling for all your remodeling needs. We serve Scottsdale and the surrounding AZ communities. Call us today at (480) 372-5001 for more creative bathroom solutions.

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