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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contractor
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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Contractor

Feb 08, 2018

Choosing to remodel your home is a major decision. There are a number of factors to think about, but one of the most important is hiring the right professional for the project. While it can be daunting to track down the best remodeler, knowing what factors to focus on can significantly ease the process. Legacy Design Build Remodeling, the premier home remodeling company, discusses the top four factors to consider.

Are They Local?

Whether you’re doing a complete home renovation or just focusing on a kitchen and bath remodel, it’s important to work with a local company. The reason is quite simple: local contractors know exactly what’s going on in your local area. They know the climate and the different weather patterns your property experiences. As such, they have an advantage over non-local companies in the details that can affect your home in ways bigger than you can imagine!

Do They Have Experience?

Similarly, work only with a contractor with experience in the remodeling project you’re planning to do. It’s really advantageous working someone who has seen and done it all for years as they’ll be better prepared and equipped to handle unique remodeling situations. We’re also one of the few contractors who can deliver full-service remodeling projects.

At Legacy Design Build Remodeling, we’re one of the oldest expert home remodelers in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been serving your community since 1988 and we use this experience to our advantage in providing solutions to our customers. Our crew of friendly and skilled professionals will ensure that the work we do will exceed your standards!

What do Their Client Reviews Reveal?

Client testimonials are a great place to begin when looking for a trusted remodeler. They provide you with honest customer feedback, allowing you to have an accurate representation of the service a client has received. You can also get an idea of how a certain contractor deals with complaints and problems on the job, helping you decide whether a contractor is right for you or not.

At Legacy Design Build Remodeling, we strive to resolve any concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. The consistently positive reviews we have received over the years have cemented our reputation as the area’s top home remodeling contractor in the area. Here are what some of our clients have to say:

“I think Legacy’s professionalism, communication and quality of work are all outstanding. The workers were prompt, tidy and good to work with. I didn’t worry about leaving them alone in my house while I went to work”

“I was most satisfied with working with a professional organization and team and being kept in the loop on things regarding my project and having them address our needs in a timely manner.”

Industry Awards

Hiring remodelers with industry awards mean you’ll be working with reputable contractors. They have been recognized by the industry, which means they can provide you with the best materials and workmanship. Our numerous awards are proof of the excellence of our work. When you work with us for your kitchen remodeling, you can expect no less than high-quality services. Some of our recent awards include an award for Residential Interior Under $100K and an award for Residential Bath Over $60K “Best of Show.”  These two awards give you the assurance that we can work with any budget and deliver hih-quality, satisfactory results.

Ensure the success of your remodel by working with Legacy Design Build Remodeling. We are remodeling contractors serving communities in and around Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about our different home improvement services, call us at (480) 372-5001. You can also request a free consultation.

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