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3 Home Designs for Remodeling That Never Get Old
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3 Home Designs for Remodeling That Never Get Old

May 18, 2016

Remodeling your home can be both exciting and daunting. On one hand, it’s blissful to imagine how your lifestyle would change for the better with the transformations; on another, organizing all of your great ideas can be overwhelming.

Remodeling That Never Get Old

Allow Legacy Design Build Remodeling to help you get started. As your local remodeling contractors, we design our services to enhance your home in all aspects, from utility and functionality to visual appeal. Before going over all of the design possibilities in your home, let’s take a look at the styles that will enhance your home.

Embrace Class in Your Living Room

You can design your living room a million ways, but you will never go wrong with a classy style. Filling your entire family room with elegance is the secret to start your day in a positive mood and come home to experience calmness after a hard day’s work. A classy living space is the best way to woo guests.

Keep in mind that this “elegance” depends on your home’s architectural style. As a general remodeling rule, traditional homes can go all out in terms of elegance and class, while contemporary and modern homes should be a bit more subdued and minimalist. You can establish class and elegance, after all, by keeping things plain, neat and tidy!

As an experienced remodeling contractor in Mesa, AZ, we ensure superior workmanship beautifully complemented by our unparalleled expertise in interior design. We’ll help you with choosing the right lighting and maximizing the utility of mirrors. We’ll also style with ornamentals and play with colors. What we share here only scratches the surface of our capabilities.

Make Your Kitchen Layout Fluid

Without fluidity, your kitchen will feel suffocating. Considering it’s one of the busiest social places in your home, poor use of your space would be downright inconvenient. With this in mind, you’ll want to maximize your kitchen’s storage space by maximizing your readily available space. The space above the kitchen countertops along with the empty space behind the doors are all viable places for extra storage.

Our company can provide you with outstanding kitchen remodeling in Mesa, AZ. We know a range of positive qualities make kitchens comfortable, stylish kitchens. Nonetheless, we always put a premium on fluidity. If you let us handle your project, we can dramatically improve the flow of your space — and the rest will follow.

Give Your Bathroom a Touch of Luxury

Your bathroom should be luxurious because you deserve to be pampered. Nothing is more indulgent than a soothing shower. The lavishness of your floor, walls and fixtures will make every bath a heavenly retreat. One nifty trick to increase the visual space of your bathroom, and make it more spacious and more luxurious, is by replacing your old flooring with larger tiles. They essentially take up the same space as your old flooring, but it has a visual quirk because it’s wider, making your floor area appear larger than it really is.

Keep in mind that bathroom remodeling always prioritizes functionality, even when it’s about increasing luxury. After all, a well-functioning bathroom is an attractive one! Make sure that your bathroom remodeling strategies address common issues, such as plumbing and safety. This makes adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom easy.

As the trusted name in bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, our team knows what it takes to make your “personal time” feel like a trip to the spa. You can rely on our discerning taste for luxury bathroom concepts to help you recharge your batteries in style.

Let Legacy Design Build Remodeling give you a dose of inspiration for your next home makeover. Speak with our home design experts at (480) 970-7590, and let’s polish your raw ideas. We are expert remodeling contractors serving homeowners throughout Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ.

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