Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas
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Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Jan 28, 2015

Do you have a galley kitchen? This style of kitchen is sometimes preferred for its efficiency. After all, you can get a lot accomplished in the small area. It is not always, however, conducive to entertaining. Even more, it can be difficult to design this area of the home. For this reason, many turn to kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ, for help. If you are brainstorming renovations for your home, consider the following galley kitchen remodel ideas.

Hide the Appliances Behind Cabinets

In most galley kitchens, space is limited. It often looks choppy to break up cabinets with appliances. For an aesthetically pleasing look, consider hiding the appliances with cabinet finishes. You can cover the fridge and dishwasher to minimize the choppiness of the area. This often helps the kitchen look larger.

Create an Efficient Layout

When you are brainstorming galley kitchen remodel ideas, try to look for designs that are laid out efficiently. You need to be able to cook in this small space. There should also be plenty of storage for your food and dishes.

Use Vertical Space

It is important to use the vertical space in a galley kitchen. This way you will have enough room for storage. There are several ways to do this. You can add cabinets with glass for a nice decorative finish. Some people also opt out of cabinets and put shelving up. Although this requires more organization and decorative touches, it can make your space appear more open.

Avoid Too Many Colors

In a galley kitchen, too many colors can be distracting. They often look cluttered in the smaller space. Instead, it is often better to pick a primary hue and decorate around it. You can add color with a vase of flowers and a fun rug.

There are several amazing galley kitchen designs that can help you decide what is right for your remodel. You will love updating this area of your home so that it is more functional and visually pleasing. Call (480) 991-1993 today for more information on galley kitchen remodel ideas from the professionals at Legacy Design Build Remodeling, or contact us online.

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