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All About Walk-In Bathtubs
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All About Walk-In Bathtubs

Feb 06, 2018

Depending on your physical challenges or those of a loved one, taking a shower while unassisted may not be the best option. The bathroom, to begin with, is already a dangerous place as it’s easy to slip on its slick surfaces. For your older loved ones, bathrooms pose even more of risk.

Using a bathtub may seem like a better solution in terms of comfort, but standard bathtubs raise serious safety concerns. “How can I safely enter and exit the tub?”, “How will I reach the water and drain controls?”, and “How can I reduce the physical strain on my caregiver?” are all common questions of the differently-abled. The bathtub is already a treacherous room in your prime, so just imagine how difficult it is for older people.

A walk-in bathtub addresses all these concerns and more, making them a great alternative to standard tubs. As your expert bathroom remodeling contractors, we explain in this post why walk-in baths are a great investment and why they should always be your “first step” to an aging-in-place bathroom.

The Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs feature a waterproof door, so you don’t have to step up and over a tall wall to get in. As its name implies, you simply need to walk into the tub much like a shower. The difference is that you don’t need to stand in the tub.

This door is engineered to form a water-tight seal when closed, so the water stays in the tub where it belongs. Once inside, the water and drain controls are easy to use and well within reach. You can either fill it with water like a standard bathtub or use an optional handheld shower wand. As with other bathtubs, air and water massaging jets are available. As your local bathtub remodeling experts, we can help you pick the right walk-in bath for your home. We’ll assess your existing bath conditions to determine which design and additional finishings fit your needs.

ADA-Compliant Walk-In Bathtub

If you require assistance, you may want to look at the models that offer a built-in seat. The combination of tall walls and a high, built-in seat gives the caregiver easier access and even allows them to be seated while helping you. No more kneeling on the floor and reaching down into a tub! These tubs are also designed to be slip-resistant so there’s little to no danger of falling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When you compare a walk-in with regular bathtubs, you’ll realize that walk-in baths are actually easier to maintain. Walk-in tubs tend to be compact and smaller, so they’re easier to keep clean. Additionally, some are specifically designed to self-clean. This is because there is less space for water to actually fill, which means grime and dirt don’t settle for too long in the tub. Walk-in tubs are also easier to drain.

Walk-in bathtubs are a great home investment, but unlike standard bathtubs, you need to have a professional install them as many are usually custom-fit to the dimensions of your bathroom.

There are numerous design and product options to consider when planning your “Aging in Place” or ADA-compliant bathroom remodel. For an end result that’s both functional and beautiful, seek the advice of an experienced and professional remodeler. At Legacy Design Build Remodeling, we’re the professional remodeler you can count on to install your new walk-in tub. We deliver expert kitchen and bath remodeling services in Phoenix, AZ.

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