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5 Aging-in-Place Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel
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5 Aging-in-Place Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

Jan 10, 2017

Bathrooms are often the most used space inside the home and it’s also the most unsafe one. In fact, as much as 235,000 people visit emergency rooms each year due to injuries related to showering and bathing. The top causes of accidents in the bathroom are shower thresholds, slippery floors, and falls. If you have a senior living in your home, one of the best ways to keep them safe from these accidents is by making your space aging-in-place-friendly.

Bathroom Remodel

As the top home remodeling company in Glendale, AZ, Legacy Design Build Remodeling can help improve your bathroom’s safety. We can also help boost its comfort and overall appearance. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Expand the Doorway – We understand that this might not be possible for bathrooms with a limited floor space. While that may be the case, be sure to always pick the widest door to provide seamless entrance for seniors with wheelchairs and chairs.

  2. Add a Shower Seat – You can make showering easier for everyone in your home by incorporating a seat. Remember to keep your shower room large enough to fit a portable chair or fold down seat. If it’s possible, consider adding a permanent seat to your space.

  3. Install Grab Bars – Ask any expert home remodeling contractor in Glendale, AZ, about the most effective tool to prevent slipping, and they’ll answer grab bars. These materials not only avoid major falls; they also provide security and balance assistance. Some of the best places to install them are next to your toilet, in your shower, and along the walls by your sink.

  4. Keep Your Space Well-Lit – The key to enhancing your bathroom’s safety is by prioritizing the lighting. With a well-lit bathroom, you can make your shower and toilet areas bright enough to spot dangerous puddles.

  5. Pick a Textured Floor Tile – You can minimize the risk of falls by choosing a tile with some texture. This type of flooring increases friction, preventing slips especially in a potentially hazardous area, like the bathroom.

If you’re searching for a professional company to perform your bathroom remodel in Phoenix, AZ, look no further than Legacy Design Build Remodeling. We have the tools, skills, and expertise to upgrade your home the way you want it.

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